Mini Iron with Trivet by Oliso - M2Pro-P - Pink

$ 50.00

#M2Pro-P Mini Iron with Trivet by Oliso in Pink

Oliso project iron is designed for sewing, quilting, and crafting. It has the power of a full sized iron in a compact and lightweight design, allowing it to fit next to your sewing machine or in your travel bag with ease. Includes a silicone iron rest, so you can keep the iron in the down position.  *Mini Iron does not have the itouch lift feature*

  • 1000 Watts - heats up fast
  • Universal voltage - easily switch between 120V & 240V
  • Diamond Coated Ceramic Soleplate - maintains even heat and effortlessly glides over fabrics
  • 8 inch 180 degree pivot cord for full range of motion
  • Burst of Steam, 0.5g burst, not continuous. Vertical Steam
  • Precision tip for tight spots and appliques
  • Fabric Selector evenly distributes the ideal heat for synthetics, wool, and cotton.
  • Three Year Warranty for peace of mind (Information Included with Purchase)
  • Solemate - Trivet included
  • Resting Side - lets the hot soleplate safely rest during ironing and protects projects.
  • Storage Side - easily snaps to the soleplate for easy transportation and storage.

**Sold in North America Only (United States, Canada and Mexico), as it will not work outside of these areas, even with an adapter**

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