5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Quilty Success In 2021 December 30 2020 2 Comments

Jen Lee here...

Let's face it, 2020 has been a rocky ride. But for many of us, there has also been a silver lining during these uncertain times.

How many of us picked up projects that we hadn't worked on in years or perhaps experimented with new techniques that we didn't have time to explore in our 'normal' schedules?

And speaking of experimenting, how many of us joined Zoom to attend a virtual bee or an online class for the first time?  I personally enjoyed attending class in my pj's or having my own stash within arms reach as I learned a new technique from a teacher who before I'd only dreamed about taking class with.

Our UFO Challenges earlier this year allowed us to focus on the things we could control (like finishing our quilting projects!). During these events, I was amazed and pleased at how quickly the community joined together to cheer each other on and bestow compliments on each other’s work. It went beyond providing normalcy; it gave us all a little purpose (beyond making masks).

So with some new friends and new skills, we get to turn the page to begin a new year with new hope and promise.

And, to help you start the new year with as much stitching and quilting as humanly possible, I've compiled a list of tips to get you ready to make progress on and finish a few of those quilting projects that are still laying around.

  • Get Organized!  No matter your experience or how many UFO's you have, it's important to first get organized.  Make note of how many unfinished projects you have.  This simple step of acknowledging what you do have is the first step toward finishing these UFO's.  (Watch your emails for more exciting news on this!)
  • Schedule Creative Time In Your Day.  Research has shown that hobbies such as quilting are good for your physical and mental health.  Quilting keeps your mind sharp, creates new social connections, and adds richness and dimension to your identity.  Adding a hobby into your schedule will also force you to get various other tasks done more quickly and efficiently.
  • Create A Project Plan With Mini Milestones Along The Way.  What is the next smallest step you can take that makes it impossible to fail?  This progress, one step at a time, allows you to build momentum to keep moving forward.  Did you know that simply checking off a completed task releases dopamine (a.k.a. the reward chemical) in our body making us feel happy and motivated?
  • Make It A 'Sewcial' Affair.  Find a support group of like-minded creatives to get advice when you need help, to cheer you on when you are struggling and to celebrate with you when you make progress.
  • Have Fun!  Make it a game and challenge yourself to not start a new project until you finish 1-2 current UFO's.  Better yet, join a challenge or bootcamp (Watch your emails for more to come on this too!)

In the meantime, you can also join the waitlist for our new membership which opens in February 2021.  The Red Thread Connect community is culmination of the combined experiences of Facebook Live interactions within the group and motivational milestones, guest speakers and educational opportunities, and so much more.  Click HERE to join the waitlist.

What tips do you have to maximize your sewing time?