How to Fold a Quilt on the Bias January 04 2021 16 Comments

This tutorial will focus on how to fold a quilt on the bias to preserve your beautiful quilt that took months and a small fortune to make.

Put a Label On It April 29 2020 9 Comments

You have pieced, basted, quilted, and finished binding your quilt. After all of these steps in the process, and a lot of work hours, why wouldn’t you want to label your quilt? Or for any finished art work you've made?

3 Ways to Finish Your Quilt April 24 2020 2 Comments

One of the last steps in making a quilt is the finish, typically applied to conceal the raw edges of your quilt sandwich. This can be done by binding it or facing it. Ready to finish? Well, square up your corners, and let’s get started!

English Paper Piecing the Hugs 'N Kisses way with Iron-on Papers April 20 2020

[Video] In this tutorial, we show the wonders of these easy to use EPP iron-on papers from Hugs 'N Kisses.

The Ultimate Guide to Precision Piecing April 15 2020 4 Comments

Having trouble to getting your seams to match or your points to line up perfectly? Are your blocks too big or too small?  These are common problems that can be avoided with precision piecing.

A Guide to Precision Cutting April 08 2020 1 Comment

Whether your quilt will be entered into a show or you are making it for a loved one or to donate, accurate cutting is key to success in piecing your quilt top.

There are three main areas to focus to ensure you have the perfect cut every time.

How to Choose the Perfect Fabric for Your Fussy Cutting Project – 10 Expert Tips* April 05 2020

You’ve seen those beautiful Millefiori quilts all over social media, donning magazine covers and filling books.  Those intricate designs and patterns can almost seem intimidating.  But did you know that the magic started with the fabric selection.?

With these 10 Expert Tips*, you can create your own fussy cut masterpiece too!

5 Tips to Pulling the Perfect Fabric for Your Quilt April 03 2020 1 Comment

You've found the perfect pattern so now what?  It's time to choose the perfect fabric, but don't let that overwhelm you.  Sometimes, it's helpful to break it down into smaller tasks.

With these 5 tips, you'll be a Pro at pulling fabric for this project and beyond!

How to Set up an Embroidery Hoop for Successful Stitching October 07 2019

Do you struggle to keep your fabric taut in the hoop? Are your stitches uneven? In this tutorial, you will learn how to bind and properly set up your hoop for the best stitching results.

Westalee Ruler Demo by Donelle McAdams September 12 2017 6 Comments

[Video] Watch Donelle McAdams demoing the Westalee Rulers for us at Spring Paducah.

Embroidered Holiday Ornament December 06 2016 1 Comment

This tutorial shows you how to finish an embroidered design into an ornament to give as a gift or even to hang on your own tree!

Sashiko Snowflake Napkins November 21 2016

These Sashiko Snowflake napkins are a quick and festive way to warm your table for the holidays or to give as a gift to the hostess.

Decorative Hoops September 15 2016

This tutorial shows you how to finish a small piece that can be used as home decor or even given as a handmade gift!

Bury Your Threads With Ease July 19 2016 1 Comment

Here is a simple but effective trick I learned while taking a longarm quilting class earlier this year that will help you clean up your sewing projects in no time at all

Rice Heat Therapy Bag May 17 2016

Eight arms are better than two to sooth your muscles and calm your mind!

I found the perfect use for my Octopus embroidery by iHeart Stitch Art...a rice heat therapy bag that is not only useful but stylish too!

How to Tie a Quilt March 08 2016 15 Comments

 The hand tying technique can be used on all quilt tops, pieced or whole cloth, and is good for beginners (or seasoned quilters who have way too many tops to quilt!). 

Cutting Tutorials - Hex N More Ruler February 09 2016 1 Comment

Learn how this specialty ruler cuts four shapes in four sizes. 

Working with Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 Fusible Web January 05 2016 9 Comments

Learn how this fusible web allows you to play with your design and to ensure proper placement every time!

Finger Pin Cushion December 07 2015 9 Comments

Do you love to hand piece or hand appliqué?  This finger pin cushion is the perfect pin cushion to hold your patchwork and/or appliqué pins while sewing.  It is the perfect size, very comfortable to wear, and super easy to make.

Sashiko Thread Management November 09 2015

Learn how to manage your Sashiko thread and benefit from this easy tutorial.