Bury Your Threads With Ease July 19 2016 1 Comment

 Bury Your Threads With Ease

If you are like me, you could live without having to bury each and every one of those threads that remain after you're done quilting.  But alas, it's one of those necessary evils.

After many requests, we recently started stocking Tulip Easy Threading Needles.  These needles come in assorted sizes and are perfect for burying threads.  Simply pop the hanging thread into the slot at the top of the Tulip needle.  The thread will stay securely in place while you bury the thread. 

 Easy Threading Needle - Closeup

    But what if you don't want to spend the money on specialty needles, or if you don't have time to wait for them to arrive in the mail?

    Here is a simple but effective trick I learned while taking a longarm quilting class earlier this year that will help you clean up your sewing projects in no time at all.

    Step 1: Thread both ends of a new piece of thread through a large sewing needle

    Any generic sewing needle will do, but a larger eye is better to aid in the threading of the needle.  You will also want to use a thread color that contrasts with the color of the quilt that you are tidying.  The thread should be approximately 12-14 inches long.

      Bury Your Thread With Ease - Step 1

      Step 2: Place the newly created loop around the thread that needs to be buried


       Bury Your Threads With Ease - Step 2

      Step 3: Insert the needle through the batting but not the backing material and pull the needle through the layers

      That's right!  The looped thread in the needle will magically pull the other thread through along with it! 

      Bury Your Threads With Ease - Step 3

      Step 4: Gently tug and snip threads off at the point where they were carried through the top fabric

      The threads will slip back under the fabric and hide themselves.

      Bury Your Threads With Ease

      If you decide to bury each thread as you move across the quilt, store the threaded needle safely on your shirt or shirt pocket.  It will be right there when you need it again.

      Otherwise, save all of those loose ends until you are finished quilting, taking care not to catch your needle on the hanging threads or to sew over them.  Then, sit back in your favorite chair and carefully groom your quilt while watching TV or socializing with family or friends.

      Once you have neatly tucked away each and every thread, you are now ready to move on to the best part - binding the quilt!

      Do you have any tips or tricks for hiding your threads?