Colour My World Quilt Pattern by Wendy Williams **On Order; Reserve Yours Now**

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Techniques include foundation piecing using freezer paper.

Finished Quilt size: 67 inches x 67 inches

Wendy writes about the quilt,

"I travel the path of life as a quilter gathering impressions of the places I go to and all the details that bring those places to life. Here in Color My world, you can share my world travelling the roads through cities, neighbourhoods, and streets that are universal to us all. 

I have chosen 4 iconic skyscrapers that represent the diversity of our world and have meanings and memories of our travels whether they are in real life or through images in photos. 

I have created a round setting for the houses and buildings which is a theme that I keep revisiting. The round shape appeals to me in that it is representative of our world but also the design element of the curve softens the sharp lines that the houses and buildings create. The circle makes an interesting path for the eye to follow as it works its way around the quilt. I enjoy designing quilts that keep the viewers interest. I first used this in my quilt ‘Round the Garden’ which is possibly the quilt that I am best known for. I have reused the circular design in ‘Over the Hill’ and another recent quilt called ‘Full Circle’. Many of my quilts feature wool or wool felt applique however I also love to make sampler quilts which lend themselves to block of the month quilts, for me it is all about my love of color and design. 

The roads add more repetition to the design which also adds a calming feature adding contrast to all the solid bright color. The mariner’s compass was a fitting inclusion in the centre and the cool lightness and brightness of the blue draws your attention to the centre and invites the eye to continue to explore. 

I chose to make this quilt with houses and buildings using foundation piecing. I love the accuracy of this method and with freezer paper, it is so much more user friendly than having to have a pattern for each piece and then the loathsome task of ripping away the paper when the blocks are completed. 

I fell in love with Marcia Derse fabrics a few years ago and when Windham released her ‘Art History’ range with the beautiful shot cotton colors, I knew I had to use it somewhere. It is such a joy to play with the colours in each block and notice how the colors change depending on how we group together. This colour play gives the maker a chance to explore color and its relationships with other hues. 

The muted, painted design for the background is an interesting contrast to all the solid colour, it adds an unexpected splash of pattern which allows the solid colors to take centre stage. I love the randomness of the pattern which allows it to blend beautifully when used in either small or large pieces and somehow becomes a neutral with a bit of extra punch and fun."

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