Five Reasons I Became a Small Business Owner November 25 2022 4 Comments

It’s Small Business Saturday ! It gave me the perfect time to reflect on why I created Red Thread Studio and became a small business owner. Taking the leap from the corporate world to stitching my own path forward was a big one. Here are five reasons I made that leap:

1. Do What I Love
They say if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life. While it sometimes doesn’t feel like work, and there are things I’m not crazy about (looking at you accounting!), I am inspired every day. I’m inspired by customers, designers, and manufacturers and their creations, and by my own stitch work—when I can stitch. Which leads me to …

2. Making My Own Schedule

While I look forward to working every morning, making my own schedule allows flexibility. The concept of work / life balance is important to me. I’m able to achieve this and still support (and be supported) by my family. With busy kids ages 14 and 16, our collective schedules can be hectic between school and sports and everything in between. I’m able to work in my PJs at night if I need to catch up on tasks or work on the go if I can’t be in the studio. Plus, handwork on the go is one of my favorite ways to stay connected to all the things I love at once.

3. I Can Involve my Kids
I’ve had times when schedules collided and overlapped. This gave me opportunity to involve my kids and have them learn about running a business. For example, I brought my daughter, Grace (now 14), with me while vending during a quilt show during her spring break. She helped at checkout and cheerfully greeted customers. My son, Adam (now 16), helps load and unload for shows or brings large deliveries into the studio. These are great opportunities to teach about the value of working and doing things with purpose that I may not be able to otherwise.

4. Sharing my Passions
With my online business, I’m able to stock the things I’m passionate about. I don’t feel the need to cater to a local market only. I can curate goods for people with my shared passion and serve them on a global scale instead.

5. Giving Back to my Community
Sharing my passion for stitching and handwork means I can also give back. I’ve proudly donated goods to local groups and quilt guilds. I’ve supported Sewing for Souls, Bo Towal, Girl Scouts, Quilts of Valor and more. Being able to help when I can is another way to contribute to the world so that others can make it more beautiful. And it helps our red thread connection remain strong.

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