Finger Pin Cushion December 07 2015 9 Comments

Finger Pin Cushion

Do you love to hand piece or hand appliqué?  This finger pin cushion is the perfect pin cushion to hold your patchwork and/or appliqué pins while sewing.  It is the perfect size, very comfortable to wear, and super easy to make.  I bet you can't just make one!

I learned about this clever pin cushion from Jen Kingwell when she came to Red Thread Studio in October for a trunk show and a two day workshop.

For this project, you will need:

  • 3 inch or 3.5 inch square of fabric - the pin cushion will sit on your pointer finger.  For larger fingers, I recommend the 3.5 inch square
  • Fiberfill or polyfill
  • Craft awl or other pointed tool (chopsticks work great!)
  • Needle, thread and scissors

Finger Pin Cushion Supplies 

 Step 1:  Fold your 3 inch or 3.5 inch square on the diagonal

I chose some fun purple stripes from Jen Kingwell's Gardenvale fabric line.

Finger Pin Cushion Tutorial

Step 2:  Stitch both open ends of the triangle leaving a one inch gap on one side for turning and stuffing the cushion

You can hand sew, but I chose to machine stitch to provide extra durability.  In addition, you would normally select a thread color to match your chosen fabric.  For illustrative purposes, I used black thread to show the stitching line and the one inch gap.

Finger Pin Cushion Tutorial

Step 3: Turn fabric right-side out

Your craft awl or pointed tool will prove useful here to push the corners out.

Finger Pin Cushion Tutorial

Step 4:  Fill finger pin cushion with fiberfill or polyfill

You will want to firmly fill the pin cushion so that the pins don't poke your finger; however, you don't have to completely pack the side corners as these will be used to form the ring shape.

Finger Pin Cushion Tutorial

Step 5:  Fold the two loosely packed corners or points over and overlap to fit finger.  Stitch in place

You can adjust the size of the finger pin cushion by overlapping the corners more or less as needed.

Finger Pin Cushion Tutorial

And voilà!  You are now ready to put pins in the cushion and stitch away.

I would love to hear from you.  Do you use pin cushions when hand sewing?