National Embroidery Month is Here February 11 2020


Yes, there’s an entire month to focus on embroidery. As passionate Stitchers On The Go, we are primed and ready to celebrate. While we try to make handwork part of our every day, we took a beat to remind ourselves how this month came to be. 

National Embroidery Month, held every year in February, began in 1992. Even though it began as a way to promote commercial monogramming and embroidery, it now observes the type of work we do – using needle and thread to create hoop art or beautiful yet functional pieces, like apparel or Sashiko coasters.

National-Embroidery-Month-Red-Thread-Studio National-Embroidery-Month-Red-Thread-Studio  National-Embroidery-Month-Red-Thread-Studio

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A human leaving their mark on textiles with colorful threads harks back to ancient times. We can see examples in elaborate woven tapestries or ceremonial attire from warriors to priests.

National-Embroidery-Month-Red-Thread-Studio National-Embroidery-Month-Red-Thread-Studio  National-Embroidery-Month-Red-Thread-Studio

As time marched on, embroidery found its way into commercially made items, like monogrammed business logos on jackets and caps. Even on the red carpet during awards ceremonies you can find embroidered capes, dresses, and accessories.

Embroidery can live in both the commercial side and the handmade side harmoniously. We usually employ our stitching skills with handmade or objects, attire, and accessories.

National-Embroidery-Month-Red-Thread-Studio  National-Embroidery-Month-Red-Thread-Studio

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Luckily, we at Red Thread Studio source a healthy supply of patterns, kits, notions, and threads to help you achieve your artistic goals. Whether you like to create surface embroidery, stitch Sashiko napkins, panels, or coasters, or do big stitch quilting, we can all celebrate the art of embroidery this month.