How to Find More Time to Sew August 08 2019

Written by Helen Spencer

Finding time for anything is really hard in this time and day. Our jobs theoretically take eight hours a day but when you add the commute and the preparation beforehand along with some rest afterwards, you end up with only an hour or two of free time every day before you have to go to sleep. And in those two hours you have to take care of your household chores, your family needs, your own needs, and everything else you wish to do.

As a hobby, sewing does require a fair amount of time and that means that it's almost impossible for you to practice it on a daily basis, when you're not on a vacation. Or is it?

Actually, you can find yourself some spare time that can be spent on sewing every day. You just need to know a few tips that allow you to do that. Lucky for you, we'll be showing you those exact same tips right here and now. So if you miss being able to sew regularly, don't leave here until you've read the entire article we have prepared for you.

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Tip #1: Don't put your sewing machine away

If you have an area in your home that's specifically designated for you sewing tools, supplies and your entire sewing process, great, if not, create it yourself. It doesn't have to be an entire room, a small corner should be more than enough, because all you need is a desk for your sewing machine, and a bit of floor area for preparing the fabric and the patterns and so on.

Keep your machine set up in a dedicated space and don’t pack it away at dinner time, as according to HelloSewing having your sewing machine ready will allow you to have short but productive sewing sessions in-between your chores. When you finish working, don't put your sewing machine away. Also, keep your tools and fabrics close by so that you can jump in and continue at any time. By doing this, you'll be able to use those short intervals of free time that appear randomly for sewing, instead of letting them practically go to waste.

Tip #2: Consider sewing as a priority

You are a human being, of course you need to rest and relax every now and then. However, if you want to find more time for sewing, then perhaps you should consider sacrificing a bit of internet surfing or television watching and replace it with practicing your dear hobby.

You don't have to completely forget about the mentioned activities, just shorten the time you spend on them. Sewing is good for your physical and mental health after all, so you can think of it as a higher priority activity when compared to other leisure ones.

Tip #3: Don't do everything on your own

If you're not living alone, you don't have to do all chores by yourself. When you feel the desire to sew, ask your family members, your significant other, or your roommate, depending on who you're living with, to help you out and allow you to sew for a while. As long as you don't do this too often, they will gladly give you a hand and provide you with a bit of free time for your hobby.

Likewise, if you have a friend who can sew and loves to do so, ask them to come over to your place and help you complete your sewing project more quickly. Have them bring their sewing machine along with them and you'll wrap things up at least twice as fast. Just make sure that both of you are doing the work you're most proficient at, so before you start, first split the tasks among yourself appropriately.

Red Thread Studio Find more time to sew

Tip #4: Plan things in advance

This applies to both your chores that must be completed before you can start sewing, and to the sewing itself. If you make a good game plan first and stick to it, you'll be able to find yourself some free time that can be put to good use.

Organize your chores so that you don't have to waste a lot of time between them. Split your house into different areas and then start clearing them one by one. This will make you more efficient and you'll finish your work sooner. Also keep your sewing space organized, so you don’t have to search for every little thing when you start working.

As far as sewing goes, you should split your project into few smaller and simpler tasks. Then finish them one by one and you'll complete the entire thing before you know it. You'll also be able to pause at any time more easily, and then continue as soon as you catch a break.

Well, there you have it, we taught you everything you needed to know. With these four simple tips you'll find yourself sewing a lot more often than before. Now nothing can stand between you and sewing, so go ahead and start stitching those fabrics to your heart's desire.



Helen Spencer Find more time to sew Red Thread Studio Helen is the editor of the sewing blog HelloSewing and a seamstress of more than 4 years. When she is not researching and reviewing sewing machines and tools, she's making beautiful things out of scratch. She loves all things DIY- crafts, drawing, decorating, and above all – she simply loves sewing!