Pivoting during a Pandemic August 31 2020 2 Comments

A new refrain in our daily lives is how much things have changed. The last six months have shown us this in full effect, but what we’ve learned from it is our strength and resiliency. We all have.

From quarantine to working and schooling from home, we’ve all felt the stress and uncertainty. It’s one of the inspirations of our first UFO Challenge that we held on Facebook. As makers, we all know we have a couple of projects (or 13!) in our work-in-progress pile. It gave us all a sense of some control in a sea of uncertainty.

Jen Lee Friday Finds Red Thread Studio Facebook Live CommentSold

Our own Jen Lee was amazed and pleased at how quickly the community joined together to cheer each other on and bestow compliments on each other’s work. It went beyond providing normalcy; it gave us all a little purpose (beyond making masks).

Inspired, Jen decided to pivot even further from business-as-usual mode to embrace the selling tangible products (fabrics, pattern, and more) with Friday Finds on Facebook Live combining CommentSold into the process. 

Red Thread Studio Friday Finds Facebook Live

If you’ve never tried it, you are missing out. It’s like a live auction with real interaction, but viewed from the comfort of your home. You can participate in your pajamas if you want. In short, it takes the ease of online buying and pushes it into another fast-paced level of fun.

Our Featured Designer series of interviews has also leapt into the same Facebook Live arena. Jen has interviewed a variety guests from a de-cluttering expert to a gentleman that hand-turns wooden creations.

Another pivot Jen has made that’s worth mentioning is Red Thread Connect. A culmination of the combined experiences of Facebook Live interactions within the group and motivational milestones, guest speakers and educational opportunities, this paid membership version has recently launched for Founding Members.

Stay tuned for more details or email info@redthreadstudio.com if you wish to be added to our waitlist when doors open again for this membership.

Let us know if you've joined any of these live events or UFO challenges in the comments below. Or if you haven't yet, what has kept you occupied during quarantine?