Sew a New Wardrobe this September September 17 2019 10 Comments

September is National Sewing Month! As Red Thread Studio Stitchers, we are always sewing. From quilts to clothing to needlework, we appreciate the pure enjoyment sewing brings to our lives.

Today, we’d like to turn our attention to clothing. How many of us sew our own wearable pieces? If you do, we’d love to know what you’ve made in the comments below (but keep reading to see what you could win!). If you don’t, we’d like to propose a challenge for you to flex some new sewing muscles this month.

Let’s sew ourselves a new wardrobe!

Some thoughts as to why we’d like to do this are as follows:

  • We know it will fit. There’s no longer a need to shop at a mall and (not) find items that fit well.
  • We know where it comes from. We can support ethical fashion and select fabrics and materials that are produced locally or in a responsible way.
  • We want something unique. When we make our own wardrobe we can embellish it to suit our personal style. 
  • We want to have fun! The most important aspect is taking the joy sewing brings us to the next level.

At Red Thread Studio, we stock loads of great sewing patterns and fabrics (and notions, oh my!) to help you on your garment-sewing journey.


Indygo Essentials

This is one stop you definitely want to take because there truly are essentials in this collection. From pants to tops to jackets and dresses, you will be making a complete outfit in no time.

TIP: Shop the Boro and Shibori collections to go with these patterns. Shop ShapeFlex (SF101) as light weight stabilizer. 

Indygo Junction

Right next door to the Essentials patterns are:

Consider adding one, some, or all of these to your (new!) wardrobe.

TIP: Shop the Boro Wovens collection to go with the tank and kimono patterns. Shop the Outback Wife collection or the Kantha collection to go with the swing coat pattern. 


Personalized Embellishments

You can take your new garments, or even upcycle an old one, and make it something uniquely you with Sashiko stitching. With Stick'n Stitch, you can transfer patterns with ease and start stitching by selecting something magical from our abundant collection of threads.

Purses and pouches

You’ll need a new carry all for your new wardrobe. We have a several delectable options in the shop. Like the Crossroads Petite Stitched Purse (show above), Crossroads Mad Money Mini, a patchwork pouch, a felt tote bag, or a vintage clasp wallet. And so much more!

TIP: Add the Fabriflair - Medium Weight Stabilizer pack by Indygo Junction to your cart for your purse and pouch making projects.

We hope you’re inspired to kick start a new wardrobe this month. Let us know if you are going to try something new or let us know what you’ve made in the comments below. As encouragement, we are going to randomly select ONE WINNER from the COMMENTS below and reward her/him with ONE FREE GARMENT PATTERN -- winner's choice!