We Love Our Mother Ocean June 01 2019

Did you know June 1 is World Reef Awareness Day? It’s a day to consider the delicate ecosystem of our ocean’s coral reefs. Coral reefs are living communities and can tell us a lot about the health of our oceans. Many fish and ocean animals rely on the protection of the healthy, living reef that also supplies a rich, thriving food chain. It’s truly a wondrous watery world.

It also reminded us of the fabric Diving Board by Alison Glass, particularly these two colors Reef in Marine and Algae. In fact, we have our curated Diving Board collection at 25% right now!) 


After we took a dive, we swam around with some other great deep-sea treasures. Here’s what we found:

The plentiful waters of the Eat Sleep Fish Collection by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. 

The simple elegance of Sunkiss by Tilda Fabrics in Ocean Flower Blue, Pink, and Teal.

The kaleidoscope of sea life in Paradise Falls Collection - Underwater in White by Hello Angel for Wilmington Prints.


The whimsical sea creatures found in Awesome Ocean Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.

And the best for last, a delicate mermaid from Mermaid Waters - Natalie Lymer.

We hope you’ve been able to witness the splendor of a coral reef for yourself. And if you haven’t yet, you are now ready to make those bucket list plans. Tell us in the comments which ones you’ve seen or would like to see someday.